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We are grateful for the privilledge to be able to give to the Lord to honour his name and also sow a seed of faith to receive in multiple folds. As the scripture says, he that gives bountifully shall receive bountifully.

We also believe in tithing, which is the principle of giving our first 10% of income to the Lord who then blesses the other 90%. We give, not out of duty, or to get, but out of a heart of thankfulness for the way the Lord has provided for us.

There are also several projects and ministry works that are going on here in this ministry such as missions work, partnership with other ministries to reach the world for Jesus, all of  which provide us with the opportunities to give.

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Offerings are used for various ministry and support Areas of the church
Tithes are used for various ministry and support areas of the church.
Gifts to this fund go towards the purchase of a new building for the church.
Gifts to this fund are used to support members of this ministry who are involved in missions or for this church to support Christian missionary work.
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