Our ministries exist to show God’s kindness and love to people around us. We have a mandate from God to go and preach the gospel of salvation in Christ Jesus and we are committed to not just talking about it but demonstrating this good news to all.

Through these ministries, we extend a hand to all irrespective of their circumstances and background. We truly look forward to serving you and meeting you soon. If you are in the Nottingham area, please feel free to drop in to visit us and if you are not able to get to us physically, we are just a phone call away – xxxxxxxxx. You may also contact us using our contact form.

For more information on each ministry, please click on one of them in the sub-headers below.

Men of Valour Men’s Fellowship

 Our Men’s ministry enables men to channel their energies as passionate Disciples of Christ in areas
of practical Christian routines that work in the direction of their personal growth as leaders, fathers,
husbands. This ministry helps our men to talk about our faith and live the life that Christ wants us to
live at home, work and in our neighbourhoods. Only when we are safe in what we are in Jesus can
we impact another’s life in ways that are long lasting.

We have the opportunity make use of our God-given, natural skills and gifts to impact those with
whom we come in contact. Like a fire of burning coals, the combined energy of our men gathered
together draws us toward the flame and keeps us active as we encourage each other. “Iron sharpens
iron………” (Proverbs 27:17a)

The many challenges our men are faced with in today’s society can at times be overwhelming.
So our focus is to rely on God strength to take us through. With His wisdom we want to equip
ourselves, with the correct tools for living as strong men of God in these times.

Our main focus areas are: Faith, Parenting/Role Model, Biblical Perspective on Finances


Faith based bible studies for our men provide excellent grounds for sharing our faith while picking up
beneficial lessons along the way, understanding what god says and applying it to our lives.

Parenting/Role Model

We believe strongly that our efforts bear lasting fruit only if as parents we are fulfilling our God-
given role as spiritual leaders in the family. Therefore, we are committed to building strong families
that create the building blocks of a good and stable society.

Our objectives as parents are to be spiritual leaders in the family, serving our family and being
a Godly example to our wife and good role models to our children. We our want to raise up
children to make honourable choices in a morally compromised society. “Train up a child the
way…..’’(Proverbs 22:6)

Biblical Perspective on Finances

We have been called to be good stewards of the finance that God has entrusted us with. Our efforts
will focus on developing a biblical perspective on finances. We will also provide practical ways of
helping with budgeting, getting out of debt and coming to a place where we are all able to give
faithfully, generously and joyfully.

Excellent Women

 Our Women’s Ministry provides and Bible studies for women of all ages, and various special events
throughout the year for ladies of all ages. These programs and events have been designed to give

our ladies in our community the opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ. That He is real and to have
a personal relationship with Him as they go through life facing both joys and heartaches. We
encourage each other to pursue God and His Word daily and live out a life of influence to other
women around us, by overlapping our lives with each other, hanging out together, serving together,
caring for each other, sharpening each other and ensuring unity.

All of our programs are designed to equip women for service and supply us with the faith and
knowledge that Christ loves us and has great plans in store for us. In our daily walk with God, we
continue to strive to become role models to our children as well as being strong women of God,
excellent mothers and wives

We want to see women’s lives changed through the power of the Holy Spirit and their submission to
the Word of God. We develop our relationship with Christ and connect with other women through
weekly Bible studies, regular gatherings for mums, dynamic retreats, conferences and much more.

Please feel free to join us!

Purer than Gold (Singles Fellowship)

We encourage singles to participate in all aspects of our ministry as we take a wider view and
approach to spiritual growth. We believe that if singles are engaged in a multicultural, multiracial,
community, in the habit of connecting with other singles, and are actively using their gifts and
talents in serving others, they will more deeply experience life in Christ and as a result grow in their
love for God, love for people and effectiveness in equipping others. Our singles are encouraged
to display the love of Christ by employing His standards of excellence. Healthy living and high self-
esteem are among our top priorities.

Purer than Gold Singles Ministry is designed to meet the needs of singles of all ages and seasons
of life and equip them to grow in Christian faith. It caters for single adults who are young, never
married, divorced, widowed, or single parents.

We have bible studies for any singles committed to the journey of living Life in Christ. We
fellowship, irrespective of life stage, age or background.

Our singles Ministry is designed to provide a perspective on Scripture as a foundation for an
abundant life lived and in fully integrated biblical community and to equip our current generation of
adult singles to live Life in Christ.

Evangelism Outreach

 It is our conviction we exist to celebrate and demonstrate God’s love and to communicate God’s
message in evangelism. Therefore:

1) We are committed to develop and grow His church by reaching our neighbourhood,, cities and

2) We are committed to develop care and compassion that reach out to those in need and to take
the Good News about Jesus to those who have never heard.

3) Serve locally and internationally by building Christ-centred, evangelistic, long-term relationships
with the poor, broken, and lonely by way of Social action and responsibilities.

Children’s Ministry

 Our goal is to provide a safe, caring environment for our children to grow spiritually. Our leaders are
trained to meet the needs of each child and help them learn how to fall in love with Jesus, in a fun
loving environment and yet in the fear of the Lord

We want to raise up children and youth to know, love and serve Christ through teachings that build
their faith and by the use evangelistic approaches and tools to reach unsaved children and youth.
We are fully equipped with loads of teaching aids, audio visuals and digital equipment. We are
particular about safeguarding children and so ensure that our Children Supervisors are CRB Screened
Professionals, Safeguarding Children Certified.

Other Departments

Couples’ Forum

Pre-marital Counselling

Wisdom Speaks (Elders’ Forum)

Divine Teens (Teens Church)

Divine Heritage (Children’s Church)

Give Him no Rest (Prayer Group)

Media (Audio Visual/Multimedia)

The Psalmists (Music) Protocol


Jesus is my Driver (Free Transportation)

Ministry of Helps (Impacting our Community)

Clean Bill (Free Basic Medical Check up)